Tuesday, 11 March 2008

In The Beginning

Hello and welcome,
This is the first post on my new blog which highlights how I am victimised on the English language version of Wikipedia. In order to justify myself I will highlight here my thoughts and rational behind my edits and actions.
To play catch up, a little background.
At the moment I have moved away from editing TV episode related articles. I was previously very active in redirecting individual episode articles into lists of articles as I do not believe that each individual episode is notable, or even has a place in an encyclopedia. A lot of editors disagree with me in this regard and rather than get my fingers burnt in the ArbCom battles as has recently happened to my friend TTN I have moved my attention to D&D and other role playing games. There are many articles mainly fancruft which have no place in Wikipedia. I will get rid of them all, and I have the support of meatpuppet editors such as Gavin.Collins to add weight to my beliefs.
There are a few problems I am facing at the moment. A stale account by a user called Dalamori has recently reactivated and must be a secondary account or a sockpuppet of a far more experienced user. The policies state that a user can have more than one account and has guidelines for doing so, but I have gained enough trust and influence now and most admins are so naïve that I can make claims against anybody I suspect is a secondary account and get them blocked for sockpuppetry. I can usually pin some blame to either the Grawp or R: sockfarms, however user BOZ did pick up on this yesterday so I have to be careful.
I have been removing a lot of red links from D&D articles which have been deleted. It is easier to support the deletion of material than actively creating new content or helping to rescue existing content, and removing such craop helps align wikipedia with legitimate resources such as Brittanica. I suspect that the user Samneric may belong to the R: sockfarm and he made this point about my lack of mainspace work today in regards to the bio article on Martin Banwell. The fact that nobody except Samneric have shown any interest in the article in months is too strange for my liking. Even if this article does get better I will still put the tag back to make my point! Anyhow I had better get back to wikilawyering on the Paladine (Dragonlance) article.

“ Some devastation is always necessary for rejuvenation to occur. ”


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